Frequently asked questions

Nkonzo Wildlife Online

  • How to join

    Create an account and browse our courses. Your enrolled courses and progress will display on your student dashboard.

  • Choose your course

    On the courses page you find all our available courses.

  • How to enroll

    Simply select enroll and you will be directed to the checkout page.

  • Payment Method

    You are able to pay via PayPal. Simply select pay now and you will be directed to the PayPal page to finalize your purchase.

  • Course material

    Once purchase is made the course material will be made available on your student dashboard. Here are able to open and study each chapter.

  • How to complete course

    Each chapter will have a lesson which will be available for study. After each chapter there will be a quiz provided. These quizzes require a 90% pass grade to advance to the next chapter. Once all chapters and quizzes has been successfully completed you will be notified.

  • Do I receive a Certificate

    Once you have successfully completed a course you will receive your certificate of accomplishment via the email you provided upon registration. Certificate will be issued within 10 working days. Please ensure your name is correct as this will display on your certificate.

  • Can't access course material

    If you are unable to access your course material after purchase, simply email us your proof of payment and the material will be released.

  • How long will course material be available

    Your enrolled course material will be available to you for a period of 180 days from day of enrollment.